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This short term approach can wreak havoc with your fitness and health. Green Farm Fitness gets a great review 'yes, it's a boot camp but not as we know it' Why a six-pack is no longer enough The really toned body these days sports a distinctive V of abdominal muscle. Trainer's tips 'Why warm up? It may seem a waste of time but it is essential for getting the most out of your workout' explains KF 'you will get a better workout, physically and mentally.

A warm up increases muscle temperature, which means your muscles can contract and relax more effectively which improves speed and strength. It also improves muscle elasticity, which reduces risk of injury. Trainer's tips How to revamp your run: After doing the same run for a few months, results start to plateau, so shake up your routine by creating your own interval training circuit.

Vary the pace and terrain of your run, try sprinting between trees or lampposts, sprint up hills or steps and run on grass as well as tarmac. When you see a bench try planks, forwards or sideways step ups, burpees, repeaters or walking lunges or press ups with claps. Go outside, your body and mind will thank you for it. Introduce interval training to take it up a notch. Try something different, a new activity will challenge your body in a different way.

A must-visit for those looking to get in shape in for summer. Kathryn has been a personal trainer for over 15 years. She believes in a long term approach to fitness and nutrition, ignoring fads and focusing on attention to detail, being fit for life and making exercise enjoyable. Q: Any ideas for staying well in warmer weather?

Ladies night at Lee Valley VeloPark

A: Kathryn Freeland, celebrity personal trainer in London 'wear a t'shirt and a light jacket you can tie around your waist to avoid geting overheated and developing prickly heat or a sweat rash. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise and avoid the midday sun. Apart from fresh air, what is the point of being outside?

The changing, uneven terrain is excellent for your core and keeping coordination, balance and coordination sharp. Terribly glamorous and well groomed Kathryn has more energy than a newborn pup. She uses benches, trees, sticks and steps for challenging circuits and tools for honed arms and flat tummies. How to train your trainer 'A good trainer is not just qualifications, some can be earned in just a few weeks over the internet; they need to have the right personality,' says Kathryn Freeland, top personal trainer in London.

Trainers don't come cheap, so why invest so little time finding someone who suits us?

PIP breast implant scandal may involve 7,000 more British women

Think about what works for you says Freeland, be honest about what hasn't worked for you in the past and what you weakness are. Getting moving get things moving. Bear in mind that exercise promotes blood flow through your muscles and organs, so it detract from your digestion, especially during high-intensity exercise, and even give you stomach cramps and indigestion. The Kickstart A short, sharp stint at a fitness resort can teach you new ways to rev up both your motivation and your metabolism. Green Farm Fitness Harper's number one choice: Learn the secrets to smart training and clever eating keep energy up but weight and water retention down with trainer Kathryn Freeland.

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Small groups mean you leave with a personalised plan. Fitness for work Fitness makes a big difference to improving performance at work, says Kathryn Freeland, personal trainer London there are real mental and physical benefits. Doing exercise can also help you cope with stress and it improves posture if you are largely desk-bound.

Top 5 WOMEN'S Fitness Tips - Weight Loss for Women & More - BeerBiceps Female Fitness

Moreover if you are in good shape you tend to shrug off illnesses better and take less time off sick. If you have a busy schedule and find it hard to fit exercise in, use your commute.. Basic training Actually, working out with elite personal trainer Kathryn Freeland is anything but basic - but it's always enjoyable. Give her 15 minutes on the phone before your session for a consultation, and she'll bring free weights and a Pilates ball, take you out on a sightseeing run around London, or both.

Her celeb-count is high from Cate Blanchett to Lisa Butcher. Find the workout that's right for you Looking for ways to fit exercise into your life?

From treadmill to turf: women leave the gym for the great outdoors

Don't worry there's something out there that can help get you right back on track. Take the quiz , Kathryn Freeland celebrity personal trainer London gives the answers to many common excuses such as 'I'm too busy' or 'I don't enjoy Fitness with a twist Tired of the same old exercises, here's one you won't have tried.

Top personal trainer in London Kathryn Freeland shows you how to get the best results from the Body-Rocka. Kathryn gives six exercises you can perform on the body-rocka including the plank and ab-circles.

Have More, Spend less! Be your own Personal trainer. Wave goodbye to wobbly bits with these ideas from Kathryn Freeland managing director of Absolute Fitness in London. Tips on exercise DVDs, exercise equipment, fitting exercise into your day, the essential kit. What better way to kick start your fitness regime than with a weekend in a beautiful recently-renovated grade II listed private country home deep in the Kent countryside? You can do just that under the guidance of leading London personal trainer and fitness expert Kathryn Freeland.

You can expect a daily cardio session on bespoke circuits through their 28 acres of surrounding woodland and a daily core strength and stretch sessions and a daily walk. Personal trainer based in London, Kathryn Freeland has created the ultimate wellbeing minibreak in a 15th-century house. Marinated chicken, fresh eggs, homemade bread and farm veg make up the low-glycaemic index meals to sustain you through her woodland running trail, followed by Pilates and stretching. Take a fitness MOT to kick start your exercise and diet or just kick back and enjoy the papers.

How do the healthy Experts Live? How Kathryn Freeland, top personal trainer based in London practices and preaches a balanced life of regular varied exercise, fresh home cooked low GI food, regular sleep and going out with friends. Sharpen up, shed the pounds and stay quids in Kathryn Freeland says 'complete beginners may benefit from booking a few personal training sessions first, you may need guidance on the which exercises, correct technique and what to do to continuing exercising.

Your personal trainer in London can set you 'homework' to do, so you could see them every weeks, but you need to be motivated to keep it up between sessions. Bootcamp Bonanza What to expect This retreat will reset your mood and food choices as much as it resets your body and fitness.

The twice daily woodland workoutswill get you fitter beginners and pros alike , but its extras, like the real-life approach to eating healthily, staying motivated and thinking positively, that will subtlety reprogramme your attitudes for good. Ideal for Easy ways to stay winter fit This year add exercise to your Christmas to do list.

It can help to raise energy levels, improve mood and support your immune system. Fit For Fall Kick-start your autumn exercise regime with a fitness weekend hosted by one of the country's top celebrity personal trainers based in London. Kathryn Freeland has launched Green Farm Fitness www. The small-group sessions take place in Shadoxhurst, Kent, in woodland that will be full of autumn russets and browns.

What's so good about Kathryn Freeland: She promotes fitness as a skill that you need to acquire for life, rather than something you do as an occasional binge before going on holiday or for a special event. Freeland specialises in core and balance work, is tough but realistic when it comes to pushing people.

Fitness is Absolutely Fabulous She counts Cate Blanchett amongst her clientele, but can Absolute Fitness' Kathryn Freeland, top personal trainer in London,halt the subsidence at the top of Lusso towers? It hurts, really hurts, although Kathryn, trainer to the A-list stars, doesn't appear to taking much notice of my pain.

Did I mention the other bonus of having a personal trainer, they don't tend to let you wimp out. AF now visits me three times a week, I have lost a stone in weight, can now do sixty press ups, sleep longer and sounder. How to save time on your workout Absolute Fitness trainers will collect you at lunchtime for a personalized Business Woman's Blitz workout and have you back at your desk within the hour.

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To make the minutes count Kathryn Freeland of Absolute Fitness personal trainers in London says: use your journey as a workout, plan a routine and vary it every 3 weeks for fast results. USPs: Personal trainer Kathryn Freeland runs a highly acclaimed mobile personal training company in London, well suited to busy professionals or anyone who prefers not to train in a gym. For 15 years Kathryn has been at the forefront of her profession, regularly votes one of London's top trainers. Keep well for your travels Q: I have heard that shorter workouts can be better than long ones.

So can I exercise less and still stay fit? A: Boots Fitness expert Kathryn Freeland, celebrity personal trainer in London, says 'new research has shown that 10 minute spurts of exercise can be as good as hours spent slogging away. But that doesn't mean you can do 10 minutes running and give up! The best way to stay fit is to vary your workouts - shorter, high-intensity sessions plus longer jogs or cycles to build up endurance and give you a balance. Stroll on! How to add years to your life The key to a longer life could be as simple as taking a stroll for half an hour a day.

Fitness expert Kathryn Freeland said: 'Anything is better than nothing, going for a walk or playing football with the kids, there is no need for a gym. Kathryn Freeland is Handbag's official and exclusive personal trainer in London along with exercise videos on the site has monthly 'Top Ten Tips' on fitness and diet. The article also featured top running tips for the Marathon countdown.

How to zing into spring 're-awaken your inner va-va voom with our experts' favourite ways to jump-start their energy levels Kathryn Freeland, fitness expert and personal trainer in London says, "For the last 10 minutes of my workout I push myself extra hard - sprinting, stretching further for a tennis ball - to trigger a feel-good endorphin rush.

Limber up in your lounge Getting fit at home is cheap, easy and fun 'The fitness landscape has changed quite a bit in the last few years,' says Kathryn Freeland, a personal trainer and managing director of Absolute Fitness in London. Work it out Forget the fad diets - make lasting changes and stay fit for life with great tips from Kathryn Freeland, personal trainer and founder of Absolute Fitness in London.

Top 100 Fitness Youtube Channels Winners

The Ki Fit armband is a medically certified lifestyle monitor that provides comprehensive inormation about factors affecting the body throughout the day. How to lose weight the healthy way Work out how much you have to lose, then follow our fad-free expert plans to help you get the body you want. My one secret to losing weight - We asked Britain's top health gurus for the one simple thing they recommend we do to lose weight and get fitter. Speed Up - Kathryn Freeland, founder of Absolute Fitness, personal trainers in London, says: "Wherever you are walking - to the bus stop, around the supermarket, the office, to the train station.

We're a UK Top 5 Fitness Retreat! - Ragdale Hall

Shape Up - ways to get your best body ever Number 34 - Straighten Up - Look slimmer and taller in a minute simply by improving your posture. Fitness - How not to be a quitter. Kathryn Freeland managing director of Absolute Fitness offers her expertise in matters such as being realistic about the goals you set yourself, getting organised in your plan of attack, maybe hiring a personal trainer in London if you need the help and even preparing yourself to counter your most common excuses.

The New Super Workouts Kathryn Freeland, managing director of Absolute Fitness, celebrity personal trainers in London, takes a look at high-tech workouts and their benefits. Love, Money, Work, Your Body. Kathryn Freeland takes you through the best ways to make sure that is the year that you get fit and stay fit. The Old Ones are the Best Ones It's time to banish our fear of ageing and embrace the opportunities it gives Kathryn Freeland features as the personal trainer in London to go to turn back the years and maintain good health and fitness.

Kathryn Freeland of Absolute Fitness in London points out the need for busy professionals to find an alternative to working out on their own. Fit to Shop Kathryn Freeland, managing director of Absolute Fitness, celebrity personal trainers in London, offers some facts and tips about what your body goes through when you're Christmas shopping.

Better Body Kathryn Freeland, managing director of Absolute Fitness personal trainers in London offers the 'reality' to our 'excuses' when it come to diet and exercise. Ease into Autumn 'Supercharge your wellbeing with our expert advice on how to make the most of the new season' Re-energise your workout Tackle something new, says fitness expert Kathryn Freeland, celebrity personal trainer in London. Add a new class to your regular gym set, to beat boredom and boost enthusiasm.

Three trainers to get you beach ready - "Kathryn Freeland personal trainer in London. Working outdoors she offers simple tips and exercises to make fitness part of your life long-term. I loved the varied romp around Battersea Park". Kickstart Fit Chicks With the wedding season well and truly upon us, ditch the male stripper and cocktails, and give the bride-to-be a hen party with a difference.

Absolute Fitness, celebrity personal trainers in London has launched a minute hen party workout for groups of up to ten women.

Shape Up - How to find a get fit plan to suit you Whether you want to get in shape before you hit the beach, hang onto the bikini body you've worked so hard for since spring, or simply want to feel lighter and more energised this summer, the key is to find an exercise regime you love. Are we simply jealous of her dedication or has she overdone it? Kathryn Freeland managing director of Absolute Fitness personal trainer in London. Kathryn Freeland was at the show on stage demonstrating exercises for the perfect beach body. The above photo shows her promoting the show at London's St Pancras Station.

Kathryn personal trainer in London. The Cheat's Guide to Good Skin. Kathryn Freeland of Absolute Fitness offers a quick-fix tip as one of the UK's leading holistic beauty gurus. Regular exercise increases the level of oxygen in the blood, which will improve circulation and complexion andskin tone. Capital Health The Function of a Woman. The best personal trainers know that women work, and work out, very differently to men.

TLM meets Kathryn Freeland. Good for: fans of the great outdoors. July Energise your Life Kathryn Freeland, managing director of Absolute Fitness advises on how to get fit naturally, more specifically how to vary your workout and how much to do. July Tatler Beauty Kathryn believes in training alfresco as outdoor terrains are more challenging than the gym, making your core work harder and strengthening ankles. Fresh air is also a great stress buster. Simple things like strengthening your back and standing tall and improving posture by sitting on a Swiss Ball will help keep you looking young.

June Stay Home, Get Fit! May Take the 10 day detox challenge Kathryn Freeland, managing director of Absolute Fitness features in a series of 10 instructional fitness videos as part of Handbag. May The Wedding Issue As part of The Hill magazine's assessment of the top services around London to get you looking your best for your big day, their top recommendation goes to Absolute Fitness Managing Director Kathryn Freeland to get you in tip top shape for your wedding.

The Hot List - Beauty 24 April In London's ultimate beauty guide only 5 of London's best personal trainers make the cut, including Kathryn Freeland of Absolute Fitness stating her strong philosophy of "outside is best" when it comes to exercise. The Expert Secret Recently, in collaboration with the Clinical Trials Unit at Birmingham University he secured HTA funding and undertook a multicentre trial examining the use of pulse oximetry as a screening procedure to detect congenital heart disease in newborn babies. Clinical trials Andrew is PI on a number of national clinical trials and is actively involved in supporting local Obstetric and Fetal Medicine trials from a neonatal perspective.

Ewer AK Pulse oximetry screening: do we have enough evidence now? Lancet Health Technol Assess 16 2 Arch Dis Child 97 3 View all publications in research portal. Browser does not support script. Andrew has supervised PhD and MD postgraduate students in laboratory and clinical research.

Lancet View all publications in research portal. Maternal Health - newborn screening. Winterbourne House and Garden University Music.

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