The Universe: Explained, Condensed and Exploded

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In addition, astronomers were astonished to discover evidence of an explosion in at the same location. This star somehow survived that explosion and exploded again in An image taken by the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey reveals a possible explosion in the year at the location of iPTF14hls left , not seen in a later image taken in right. Supernovae are known to explode only once, shine for a few months and then fade, but iPTF14hls experienced at least two explosions, 60 years apart. The resulting work was published in the journal Nature on November 8. This would cause an explosion that blows off the outer layers of the star and leaves the core intact; this process can repeat over decades before the large final explosion and collapse to a black hole.

But this explanation is not entirely satisfactory: such explosions were only expected to be seen in the early Universe, and should now be extinct.

Blue is the colour of the universe’s first supernovae

Witnessing such an explosion today would be as unlikely as discovering a living dinosaur! In addition, the energy released by the supernova is more than the theory predicts. Therefore, iPTF14hls may be something completely new. A possible clue is provided by the nature of the galaxy the explosion occurred in - it is a small, primitive galaxy with few heavy elements, quite unlike the Milky Way. This supports the notion that the explosion came from a type of star we are unfamiliar with, because our own Galaxy is chemically enriched.

However, the galaxy is also not as extreme as some of the more exotic models seem to require, says Dr. This behavior has never been seen in previous supernovae, which typically remain bright for approximately days and then fade.

Cracks in the universe: the search for cosmic strings | Cosmos

Some of the peculiar properties of this explosion, such as the excessive energy output, could be possibly explained if iPTF14hls was not spherical and we were observing it from a special viewing angle. For this reason, Dr. Richard Osborne. Publisher: Oldcastle Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

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New discovery: Supernova explodes several times

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