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Calls for non-Western varieties of democracy are part and parcel of the rise of a post-Western world order. Attend an international meeting on democracy today, and we will likely hear passionate arguments that Western liberal democracy has lost credibility and that non-Western political models must now be favored across the developing world and among rising powers.

Certainly, we need to fix some problems in our countries such as 1 pluralism and minority debates; 2 ethics and moral concern on our parliament body; 3 conflicts between political coalition in Indonesian government; and 4 Corruption and Law Enforcement as the most crucial problem. Geographically, the Malacca Strait is the largest international trade meeting point of various parts of the world marked by numerous "valuable" ships. It has been facilitating transnational crimes such as piracy and smuggling as well as terrorism.

Geopolitically, the strait problem isdivided into two term of issues, internal and external. Internal aspect relates to the issue of ownership, in which Indonesia must optimize its bargaining power with the other "owners" state such as Singapore and Malaysia on keeping the strait and also its bargaining power with "users" states who also feel worthy to intervene the strait security management. In terms of external, Indonesia should optimize the military capability and security in the Malacca Strait area from transnational crimes threats such as hijacking, piracy and terrorism.

Geopolitic perspective shows that Malacca strait has many strategic values, especially economic values. So that, Indonesia has to optimize its military and diplomacy capability. On the other hand, geostrategic perspective shows that the main problem for Indonesia toward Malacca Strait are ownership and transnational security.

For the security issue, Indonesia uses military action and operation along the strait. These actions and operations should target every transnational organized crimes piracy, hijacking, terorism, etc crossing South East Asia Maritime. Indonesia needs to secure Malacca Straits as its national teritory from external threats transnational crime and internal threats ownership problem and Western intervention.

Their assessment is decidedly mixed. He gets high marks for delivering better public services—health, education, and roads —of which he can be justifiably proud.

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Phone: Fax: Email: newsroom rol. Komentar 0. Burundi talks to resume in Uganda as crisis deteriorates. With little cash, young Mexican shakes up politics. Lawmaker: Jokowi blocks the House's discussion with ministers on state budget. Adab Terhadap Lingkungan.

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Info Sehat. Islam Nusantara. Orangutans to extinct if forest fire still occurs. The tails are consistent with Hanley et al. This suggests a greater prevalence of Langmuir turbulence in the Southern Ocean. In this shallow region wave breaking is important, and so it is not clear whether or not they do force Langmuir turbulence. It is currently unclear which value of Stokes drift is more appropriate for the ocean, but these results demonstrate a robustness of the general conclusion of the importance of wave forcing.

In the North Atlantic and Pacific storm tracks La shows a stronger seasonal cycle. During the Northern Hemisphere winter La is less than 0. For the remainder of the time the typical range is 0. In the Indian Ocean there is a strong seasonal signal associated with the monsoon.

Also, the stability length, L L , ranges from small to very large values, so simple averages are not robust. We focus on diagnosing the relative roles of wave and buoyancy forcing in the Southern Ocean, because of the biases identified in current models in Section 1 , and because it illustrates important aspects of the competition between wave and buoyancy forcing. The stability length scale was calculated only when the total surface buoyancy flux was positive, i.

This selection gives an upper bound on the role of buoyancy forcing in generating turbulence, because solar heating suppresses turbulence but with an unknown scaling. The modal average stability length over each month was then calculated. As shown by Dong et al. The Langmuir stability length increases towards the pole, mainly because the average heat flux reduces. Outside the band of deep mixed layer, h is less than L L indicating greater importance of wave forcing over buoyancy forcing of turbulence. These strong winds also drive strong waves. Hence strong buoyancy forcing is accompanied by strong wave forcing.

Cold, dry air outbreaks from land to warm ocean similarly produce strong heat fluxes for moderate winds. The joint histogram suggests wave and buoyancy forcing to be important mechanisms of turbulence production in the mixed layer of the OSBL in this region. But if wave forcing and Langmuir turbulence is so prevalent, and since wind and waves always occur together, perhaps current parameterizations already implicitly account for the effects of wave forcing? Indeed, there is then a relation between the surface wind speed and the wave spectrum, and hence the Stokes drift, and so the wave forcing.

But this is an unsatisfactory approach because Sullivan et al.


This finding is supported here by the large dynamic range of La , which would not be seen if the wind and wave forcings were always in a constant ratio. Misaligned waves and winds tend to increase this dynamic range [ Van Roekel et al. Langmuir turbulence needs to be parameterized as a mechanism in its own right. Smyth et al. Measurements by Ledwell et al. Again our understanding is not mature: there are competing effects, so for example it is not known whether randomly orientated fronts lead to a net deepening or shoaling of the mixed layer [ Thomas and Ferrari , ; Mahadevan et al.

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These processes all deserve further attention. Therefore global climate models need to represent wave forcing of Langmuir turbulence in their parameterizations of the OSBL, which may well require that global climate models also need to compute the surface wave field. There is a pressing need for direct observational evidence to support the results of LES and diagnostic analysis presented here.

One way to do this is through continued measurement of turbulence microstructure within the OSBL, for example dissipation rate or vertical velocity variance, and map it on a regime diagram such as in Figure 3. Volume 39 , Issue If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account.

If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. Open access. Geophysical Research Letters Volume 39, Issue Oceans Free Access.


Stephen E. Belcher Corresponding Author E-mail address: s. Alan L. Kirsty E.

Vertical Mixing

Peter P. William G. Peter A. Jeff A. Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation. Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Figure 1 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint.

Figure 2 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint. Surface wave breaking generates turbulence, and leads to high levels of dissipation, within a distance of the order of a significant wave height, O H s , from the surface, but does not seem to be a controlling process at deeper levels [ Terray et al. Stokes drift deforms absolute vorticity into the horizontal generating streamwise vortices of Langmuir turbulence [ Craik and Leibovich , ; Teixeira and Belcher , ].

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Below is a mixed layer where the character of the turbulence is controlled by the strength of the surface wind, buoyancy and waves via Stokes drift [ Grant and Belcher , ]. The TKE equation in horizontally homogeneous flow is. Figure 3 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint.

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