The Golden Age of American Musical Theatre: 1943-1965

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Each entry includes such information as opening date, number of performances, primary cast and crew, and a plot synopsis, as well as other interesting data about the show. Additional details about well-known actors, singers, composers, lyricists, directors, and choreographers of the period are presented in the next section, including birth and death dates, birth cities and names, brief biographies, and award nominations and wins.

Subsequent sections provide descriptions of Broadway theatres and awards, including lists of shows in each. With an appendix of songs from all of the major musicals of the era, The Golden Age of American Musical Theatre will benefit anyone wanting to know more about one of the richest periods in Broadway history.

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Book jacket. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. The Golden Age of American Musical Theatre offers a snapshot of an important period in musical-theater history.

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After lean times on Broadway in the s, the production of Oklahoma! From mid until , at least one hit musical was produced almost every year The largest section of the volume features alphabetical show-by-show descriptions in which author Naden offers basic information about every production: dates, numbers of shows in runs, theater names, casts and creators, synopses, prominent songs, awards, and a designation for "flops," or shows with fewer than performances Rounding out the volume are chapters featuring short biographies of stars and creators from the period, histories and descriptions of each Broadway theater, information about the awards associated with Broadway, a list of individual songs with their corresponding musicals, and a year-by-year time line of the shows produced from through This title will likely be shelved among numerous similar works about Broadway, but its specific focus will appeal to readers and researchers interested in this particular period.

Following a short historical overview, the book catalogs musicals of the period, with each entry listing opening night data, length of run, production credits, original cast and character names, plot synopses one paragraph each , song lists, and Tony Awards and nominations, along with one-sentence comments. Naden also includes single-paragraph biographies of Broadway notables, brief entries on Golden Age theaters and awards, and a list of songs and their associated musicals.

Summing Up: Recommended. Comprehensive musical theater collections; general readers.

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The Golden Age of American Musical Theatre is recommended for libraries and institutions; those who frequently teach and perform this repertoire should consider adding it to their holdings as well. Show More Show Less.

Opening Night on Broadway New York: Schirmer Books, Chronological reception history of musicals premiered in New York City. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Arranged alphabetically by composer, a historical commentary that can be used in conjunction with the critical quotations in the Opening Nights books. Forty years old, this thoughtful if selective survey, written by a contributor to the tradition, has never been superseded.

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Sensitive discussion of stylistic matters. If you want to know what makes a great song great or a weak song weak , this is where the subject is musically tackled. W5A6 Show Comments 0. The owner of this ePortfolio is currently not accepting comments.

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B67 Green, Stanley [rev. The author provides a synopsis of Broadway's history. Its annals are colorful, and Naden skillfully weaves tales of riots, sordid love triangles, triumphs, and destitution into a condensed historical account of the Great White Way.

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An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview. The majority of the volume is devoted to catalogues of information.