The Cry for Help and the Professional Response

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I tend to turn inwards. I just struggle and I know the feeling of not wanting to talk about it. I started journaling. I also have physical issues and the two year illness left my body addicted to morphine whichbis had to deal with I hate thst part. I never did drugs. Im hsrd on myself. I cant see a future …. Box and have correspondence sent there, get a safe deposit box, put your jewelry and other valuables, plus cash, in there.

I only ever get mad at home at my family whenever even the slightest action is done, for example my brother would sleep in the living room. Another thing I can worry about later I guess, somewhere in the pile. And for the first time, that 2 weeks ago, I broke for the first time while I was getting carpooled back from a trip for a community service, there were seven people present in the vehicle, I sat in the back between one of my good friends and one person I judged not to be a bad person altogether. I also worried about what awaited me in the future, one thought that hurt me a lot was thinking about death for about a year.

The friend acted like it never happened, and as did I, making it worse obviously because I was alone again, none of my other friends, as far as I know, know about this night. Later that week I compared Myself now to five years ago, and I realized that I had become an entirely new person, I used to be outgoing and have a lot of friends, but now I can be timid and have a lot less friends, and none of them are new friends either, they remind me of my past, and now because I thought about who I was, and that I had to grow up a lot faster and mature even more so to fill the places I was expecting my mother to fill.

And now I hated who I had become, because I am now an alien to who I used to be. I grew up in a single parent low income home filled with alcohol abuse and mental illness. Growing up in an unhealthy environment is extremely difficult especially when you are trying to form who you are and who you might be. Please believe me you are not a bad person. As you are figuring out what you want to do in your future look for positive people and role models that might be able to help you. For people like us, we have to seek out people who will have a positive impact on us rather than be given it.

You sound like a really smart and strong person but believe me this help will only make you smarter and stronger and help you to get yourself to where you want to be. I hope this helps you in your journey and if I can help you with any questions you have about college or coping with a difficult family life please let me know.

I have quite a bit of experience under my belt and I would love to help someone out in a similar situation if I can. Wishing you the best! Such a kind person you are. Reading your reply brought me to tears and helped restore my faith in humanity. Ty pretender, i can see part of my situation in ur story. Ur story taught me that i have to look back i to my past so i can resolve my troubles in the present.

I just want to lets you know that i felt the same about my future, i fear of becoming nothing. But reading ur story will help me to take up the courage to admit that i am depressed and i need help. And i will seek out for professional help. It should. God knows, I deserve it. Started screening phone calls, even to family and close friends.

I used to stay on the go all the time. Had too many friends to count. Too many social engagements to attend to. Slowly, things changed. The depressive episodes lasted longer. Times of happiness grew more rare. Thank you for your comment, Jay. We wanted to provide links to some resources that may be relevant to you here. I was depressed, life couldnt seem to be more bleak. After several periods of time i lost my will to hang out with friends, my closest friends; and when i do i cover my face up with my most cheerful ebullient smile as if nothing was bothering me.

I was afraid of the future or what i might have become. I was ashamed to confide to my family that i am gay, afraid to lose the people i love the most, i am afraid that they will no longer love me or accept me if they know who i really am. I dont know whether i still have depression or not, but one thing is clear to me.

I will not let it bring me down,and i really hope someday i have the courage to come out of the closet. So fellow people, dont let it eat you up. I am experiencing this type of depression and have been for the last 10 years… Its really killing me emotionally and mentally, Its caused me to lose faith in humanity although I have many friends and am great at making friends… but in reality I never really connect to anyone or put trust in anyone , hard to explain ….

I feel the same with you. I was top of 2 subjects in my high school, i had 5 offers to the best universities in my city. But now, i think i am an useless, no future man. I dont even know if anyone can help me to get out of this. But it is some kind of relieve to know that i am not the only one.

Reading this I realized that I can see myself in a lot of the comments and the article. I have been closed off from family and friends for about 12 years now. Very rarely someone will show concern for how you are doing emotionally. So there are two choices — pretend you are content at least and even happy or receive negative reactions from society making you feel worse. I know what you mean. Depression is when the fabric of the inner self constricts so much that we literally have no access to our selves without massive effort. The key is to endure until you have the space to investigate the underlying causes, feel them, then find a life activity that has the ability to uproot you and keep you out of the black hole.

This is something that i am doing versus just sitting in a chair all day in order for crony capitalists to make money and the goverment to take our tax dollars. This is the root of the depression epidemic. This is how we escape. Society is out of alignment with natural law like I said due to state involvement in economics i. This [involvement] creates a rift which sets the course for the gradual disintegration of all societies and [statism] is the root cause of Democide.

I really need help to get rid of the mentality I have, sometimes nature puts me together,even when I write, I never wrote of happiness because I knew I has gonna lie, I can not define it. Thank you for your comment, Bianca. Someone makes me smile or I smile at someone and I know that I have made their day. I am so inspired by the fun, happy people in the world and I am so proud of them and I hope to learn something from them.

I feel exactly the same way… i fake it wen around people … feel like crying when alone but i am not able to cry… get angry on petty issues… i think its killing me.. Thanks for your comment, Boitumelo. You are also welcome to call us for assistance finding a therapist. We are in the office Monday through Friday from a. Pacific Time; our phone number is ext.

I always hide my emotions because I learned through painful experience that people will kick you when you are down more often than they will give you a hand up. There are very few freethinkers around here and even those that do exist are to be regarded with distrust. Trust no one. Hi, Ladyhawk.

We received the comment that you submitted on our blog earlier today. Thank you so much for visiting GoodTherapy. You can do one of the following immediately:. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is equipped to take a wide range of calls, from immediate suicidal crisis to providing information about mental health. Some of the reasons to call are listed below:. RAINN provides support for sexual assault victims and their loved ones through two hotlines at HOPE and Online. Whether you are more comfortable on the telephone or online, RAINN has services that can guide you in your recovery.

HOPE, and you will be directed to a rape crisis center near your area. I never knew the meaning of depression until i came to US. I came here with my fiance pregnant and the transition was too fast for me to understand what happened to my life. Christmas in a snow storm had to move 4 times! I felt hopeless and suicidal!

My pregnancy was tough i threw up the whole time i hardly eat and getting good sleep was hard! I gave birth to a colicky baby, and i felt i was getting crazy! Crazy as hell!! Couple months later Mom passed away back home which didnt help my recovery from what ive been through. A year later ex cheated on me and blame me that it was my fault!! Ex remarried right away and stop seeing my child and told me it was my fault why he stop seeing my son! What ive been through hard as hell, but i always think the reason why im in this world.

I have no family here but my son. Still trying to work on having a better life.

I always remind of myself, Growing old is denied to many. Let us look the bright side no matter what. Let us learn to appreciate small things coz small things where great things begins! Never lose hope and faith! Hi there. I really can honestly say I feel embarassed and ashamed that I struggle with depression and anxiety… They both decided to walk hand in hand and partner up and become my buddies without my permission…I was diagnosed with a low form of depression called Dysthymia and GAD- General Anxiety Disorder… I have had every crazy symptom from all forms of emotion and physical stresses on my body.

I want and desire to have normalcy and balance. I have a lot of healing that has to happen. But I also need to be compassionate and forgiving of myself and also at the same time kick myself in the booty and keep going. It was such a sneaky little thought.. And also a very scary one. I would never think to end my life.. Not fun at all. But at least I can recognize it and do something about it. And for me, I know medication is not the answer. Its a matter of educating myself and finding healthier safer ways of managing my symptoms until I can be healed.

I have hope that this will pass. Just by reading this I can sum up your character. You are a strong woman. I can see through the positivness you mask on. Let me tell u something Hun , someone that fights these thoughts , it tends to bring you lower and drain you. You become your own worst enemy, sometimes you need to let your depression be.

You are sweeping all your problems under the rug for the sake of others and of course trying to make yourself feel better. I have a little song for you. Goodluck in future beautiful girl. I genuinely wish the best for you x youtu. I know it may seem stupid that a 15 year old is saying this, but I just really want to know, so if you could maybe help I would be really grateful.

I think it may be depression because of how much my life has changed. My mom started to do drugs and it absolutely changed her, she also got deported, my childhood house got foreclosed on, I got separated from my siblings, and now I have no motivation to do anything. It would just be a breath of fresh air if I could figure out what is wrong with me, is it depression or is it just laziness? You are a very good hearted person that is having difficulty expressing your emotions.

People like me went through hardships, and will continue to, so that we can tell you that IT WILL and does get better. Your sister is different how she handles things, and even though she said hurtful things, she may be hurting inside on her own. Forgive her. You may try reaching out to someone. Do not feel ashamed. Talk to a counselor. Talk to a friend. Pray my dear. In the end, when all else fails, hope and faith remains. Then every time I cry I make myself laugh. And then I tell myself I lost my mind and my heart long time ago and then I have dreams that I get killed.

And something else I m scared to talk to anyone because they might think I m missed up and send me away. Im I going crazy? Im happy around my friends,and when I come home I feel mad and said and always mad at my brother. Thank you for your comment, Naz.

How to Have a Good Cry

So as usual im up late and cant sleep with my mind working over time. I have an amazing boyfriend and a beautiful daughter but still I feel numb to everything else. Ive had problems all my life with anger etc that really is the only emotion I feel a lot. Precious t, while no one can know how you feel exactly, pain is so individual, there are some who may be better able to help you through the unique pain associated with miscarriage and similar losses. I am not recommending this site, but I am sharing it with you as a possible starting place to help you through this time.

Please try to remember that you are not only dealing with the emotions of loss, but your body is recovering as well. Your hormones may even be the cause of some of your pain. Know that you are loved. I will be praying for your recovery and return to wholeness and wellness. I might have been cooking, gone out for a walk or sleeping and waking up feeling like I was crying all night.

I found no related website so far that can explain this symptom and relate this to a mental illness. Has anyone experienced this? Do you know what this is?

Tonight was one of those nights where I was laying in bed and I just started to cry, I feel so damaged, I feel like nobody understands me, I feel useless for not being able to cope with my feelings and it makes my heart hurt even more but I have such a hard time saying how I feel to other people.

I want to express myself freely and actually enjoy my life, not just pretend anymore. Aww beautiful girl : I am exactly like you , this comment really cut me deep cause I genuinely know what you are going through. No matter how much depression can make you deny that people do understand, I do. That moment where you break down from keeping it so hidden, you feel like the Angels just break down with you, that the whole world is just a illusion masked by sorrow and pain. I feel you darling , I am someone studying to be a phychologist and yet battling mental illness, lol the irony. Cant sy nythg dears M on d same track…!!

I dn knw wt to do Frdz,al things,dis dat blah blah ol r keep on changing bt m still dere,dat pain z stilll dere No solution I use to shw m happieee n i use to mak ma frdz happie bt in real no wrds dt wt m feeling inside.

Suicide may be an attempt to exercise power and control.

Tell me: how exactly does one win in this society? Thank you for your comment, Lisa. Me too. B good to talk if ur interested…sum1 that understands. One day i feel i have lost the fight and the next i see a tiny ray of light. But most days im jst numb and here. I dont know how we keep living. I really dont. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for your comment, S. She just cares about my older brother. I try. I really do. I get straight, unlike my brother. She gives my brother all the attention. Just ten minutes ago I pretended to be sleeping because I was crying and my mom came in.

My friends? Yea, I might still have some. But who cares? My mom gives me crap about it and laughs. Are you kidding me? I worked my butt off. Its summer. I plan on not talking to my friends. Maybe make a few fake friends in my head? Or just stay cooped up in my bedroom blasting Nightcore, Dubstep, Country or just sounds. I cry in the middle of the day when ny brother is out of the house and my mom is working.

I admit. I NEED to lose ten-five pounds. I need to work out. I have no talent. Wait, no. My talent is putting on a fake smile everyday, pretending to be happy, and pretending everyone cares. Have a lovely day. Think of fluffy rainbows and please, be happy. Your story coincides with my story. And i hate my mom. I am regretful that she is my mom. Umm well, I was talking to my friends ten minutes ago.

Twenty to an hour ago lost track of time I was crying my eyes out. I was crying my eyes out while talking to my friends. One of them knew I was crying. Did nothing. Of course, my one friend knew this. Then it all stopped, so I told her. She stopped messaging me for twenty minutes until I said I stopped. Then she wanted to talk about this guy. This is why I want to die. One of the reasons. I cut. On my ankle.

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When I do, it barely cuts because I use a rusted knife. But, like this article states, I put a fake smile on my face, help others, and act like nothing happened. Until I get in my room. All alone with my thoughts…. Goodbye, nice people. Thank you for your comment, Rawr. I have this crushing sadness inside me.. I feel misunderstood, lost, and I sometimes just want to end everything.. My mom says she is concerned, but when I try to talk to her she asks me if something else is bothering me—if there is an underlying cause to what I am feeling.

My panic attacks have been frequent in the last few months, just writing this makes me feel numb, dizzy, and my heart is racing. Ive always pretended to be happy around my friends, Im mostly known for how funny and how I can make other people feel better, I pretend to be happy but Im not. Pretending to be happy is becoming to hard for me now and I dont think I can go on, Im afraid if people see the real me They will be.. Like afraid of me or think of me as a psyco crazy guy..

Im exactly the same i act so happy around my friends! The truth is im severly depressed i lay in my bed crying after school everyday and cant do the simplest things which causes a shit ton of arugments with my mum who refuses to get me any anti-depressents she just shouts at me and calls me a lazy bitch. If u want anti depressants go to the doctor.

I did. Wen I was I came off them wen I was 26…shud never have done that. Unless they feel it too. My parents were physically and emotionally abusive. Ultimately, abandoning me. My sister never loved me. Hated and resented me. Was bullied and ostrisized by all my classmates all throughout primary school. I had one friend she betrayed me over a fight between her mother and my grandma. My learning disabilities made me a failure scholastically. My eldest son hates me.

My second son is physically and mentally disabled. The last ray of hope in my life is my daughter. But now I suspect something may be wrong with her mentally. I am depressed because my life has been one long string of disappointments, failures, and dream crushing. Any thoughts of hope,joy,or love has never happened and never will.

My life ment nothing to anyone and I contributed nothing of value by being alive. Who can understand that? I cant even cry, cant even feel sad for myself but jst the guilt. Maybe just the exp? My partner says to me go n do something then u wont feel depressed down upset he said its simple to solv it do something then ule fprget about it.

I use to shw to ma frdz dat m very happy n i use to make dem happy,m Jovial kind of person as dey use to say me bt in real m nt,u cant imagine hw m feeling inside. M vry dippressed cz m nt finding ny way. Smtym i use to put sad pic on ma DP den ma frdz rplies r so bad.. Isssss dis DP z nt suiting u,u r nt lik dat dis dat blah blah Bt hw do i make dem satisfies dat dude hlo m also human being. Dey dn u understand me at ol, M alone,empty n so lonely frm inside I dn knw wt wil b ma future smtym i feel lyk i gonna commit suicide bt whn i usetp think abt lyf den i use to satisfy ma slf dat no m nt dat mch looser..

So no solution : i dn knw whr dese thing going to take me. So speechless M actor in frnt of ma frdz Bt in real m….!!!!! No words. I have been depressed for over have of my life I am almost My parents got divorced and my father remarried shortly after. I never coped well with the change; while my mother and father were going through their issues I was able to talk to a therapist a couple times.

But once their divorce was finalized the counseling stopped. Neither one of my parents ever asked if I was ok or about my feeling when inside I was hurting every single day. So growing up I felt as if no one cared about my feelings. In the past 8 years I have endured my father telling me to go find a new father, my mother telling me that no one ever wanted me, as well as other family members emotional abusing me. But like my whole life I sit back and take the abuse. Years later, all of the emotions and thoughts that I have been holding on to are really effecting me.

I get up every day, put on my fake face, and go to work pretending my life is fine. But as soon as I leave my mask comes off and I am severely depressed. On a daily basis I ask myself what is the point of living. I have no family or friends so I continue to hold in my feelings. When I have been to the doctors and explain to them that I am depressed they seem to not care and simply give me a medication that does not work.

I have been on several medications in the past 5 years and nothing has helped at all. But I have no friends. My boyfriend has lots of friends therefore his phone is going off constantly and his fingers type massive amounts of texts and snap chats all day long.

No one, not even my family talks to me for weeks at a time. I crave conversation and friendship. I feel empty and very jealous of my boyfriend. I feel this, everyday. I have pretended throughout my life.

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As a child I had to act happy in order to have a home…I grew up as a foster child and my brothers and i were terribly abused during those 14 years in foster care. You learn how to act happy and how to keep quiet so no one knows the truth. All the time holding on to when you will be an adult and it will all be different.

Of course life was totlly different but the depression was still there and I had no idea that was what it was even. I had to try harder , be more thankful, work harder, etc. Finally after some years I started to get treatment and therapy and it has helped immensely. But this depression is still here… I am so much better than I was but when I took a test to see if I was depressed I scored higher than the chart went-but this is feelinbg pretty good to me. I continue to see my therapist and a psychiatrist.

I have had numerous hospitalizations, they happened in the year after our dear daughter died from cancer. Now I am working through more grief… my husband died last sept. I know that i have not begun to work thrtoigh that with my brother. I know I am so much better off now than 10 years ago but it does seem that it will go on forever. Maybe that is OK though if it does. I do better wit h the extra support I get from therapy and my insurance pays well so maybe this is a good thing to just continue to do.

I am amazed at how awful I feel and then someone calls and it is like there is this new me that popped in there and then we have some fun and I come back homeand collapse. It is such hard work to be on like that. No answers… I just keep on keeping on and working on it as I can. That is another issue though. It is incredibly hard to take myself to get some exercise… so hard to join in and then show up consistently.

So, I tend to drop out and never go back. WEll… I said more than I planned. I use to have a support group some years back. I like that as it was with other depressed peoples and we could relate. I wonder if there are any around anymore. I remember going in my closet and crying I remember playing by myself I remember wanting to kill myself. I am right where you are excpet i do not have my girls in my life. The depression is slowly killing me but everyone wants me to keep trying. I get so tired sometimes and i just want to stop being.

If you feel tears coming

I gave gotten to the point that it does not matter if i tell the truth of what i feel because everyone seems to think i can keep pulling myself back up. I dont know how much longer i live this way. Thank you for your comment, Anna. I feel so ugly inside of myself, but I have to pretend like if there is nothing wrong with me on the outside. So my only refuge is living in a garage and isolating myself days at a time without coming out.

I often pray for something to happen to me so that I could be released from this mental prison. Hi Richard, thank you for your comment! Please know there is help available! Working with a therapist can help you manage the isolation, depression, and mania you feel, and give you tools to help overcome it. You can search for a therapist on the GoodTherapy. Sweetness is a name the love of my life used to call me. Well inside I feel like my entire world Is falling apart.

Thank you for your article, it reaaly help me. I have been feeling depressed for several months but kept myself busy, trying to be happy and positive. People always say how they se me as a kind sensitive, thoughtful and compassionate person. Inside I feel a heavy weight on my chest, I feel like I want to cry and cry and never stop. But your article made me stop and I called my General doctor. Ask what the person giving you the feedback would consider more effective behavior from you or others involved.

Say thank you and acknowledge their perspective this doesn't mean you agree, instead it means you are listening. Give your appreciation for sharing with you. When you're leading a team you'll be given lots of feedback, both positive and negative. While some feedback warrants a discussion on whether it's correct or not, I've learned that a majority of workforce battles aren't worth the time or the energy to push back on.

Simply accepting feedback and waking up the next day for a fresh start can help you keep your professional relationships strong. Whether you're experiencing positive or negative feedback, take a deep breath, pause for a moment to think, and have a conversation in which both parties' feelings are accounted for.

The Cry for Help and the Professional Response - 1st Edition

Getting back to the crux of the matter, cutting is a cry for help — even if the person doing the cutting is adamantly opposed to any outside interference. What should you do? Or, more specifically, what should you do first? But you do need to employ a well-thought-out strategy for dealing with the situation and getting help for the cutter.

Naturally, you feel shock and maybe even fear — for the cutter as well as for yourself and other members of the family. You need to learn more about cutting so that you can better understand why it occurs. Gaining knowledge about cutting and self-injury will allow you to develop a more compassionate and firm approach to help the person stop such harmful behavior. In the case of cutting, age may be a risk factor. Cutting often begins in the early teen years when children are experiencing volatile emotions, are under intense peer pressure, feel lonely and have conflicts with parents and other figures of authority.

Treatment for self-injury, including cutting, is personalized to the individual. For this reason, there is no one treatment that works for every individual. In fact, it is often accompanied by mental disorders, some of which may be serious. Parents, family members and loved ones and friends can also benefit from making use of proven coping methods. If the cutter is your child or loved one, the most important thing to remember is to let the person know that you love him or her regardless.

Your love is not conditional. You will always love the person. They really do. In the end, if you suspect that someone you love — your child, spouse, loved one or friend — is engaging in cutting behavior, you owe it to that person and to yourself to answer the cry for help. Rather, learn all you can about cutting and self-injury and inquire from a medical professional the best way to enlist help for the cutter. The reality is that unless cutters do get treatment to learn how to deal with their emotional distress, lack of self-esteem and other issues, cutting behavior will continue.

It is a difficult, but not impossible, habitual behavior to overcome. But, above all, do it now. Skip to content. Cutting: A Cry For Help. Who Cuts? Why Do People Cut? Pain to Stop the Pain It might seem counter-intuitive that a person would cut to stop the pain. Spotting the Signs How do you really know if someone you care about is a cutter? Along with scars, cutters will often have fresh cuts or scratches, along with bruises and other types of wounds including infected wounds.

Broken bones may also be a symptom that an individual is engaged in self-harm. Someone who cuts may claim that injuries are the result of accidents or mishaps. Cutters may have relationship problems and spend a great deal of time alone.