The Complete Denture - A Clinical Pathway

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Biofilm formation by the Candia albicans clinical isolates was investigated with the microtiter plate method, as described previously. Biofilm-producing Candida albicans isolates were selected for the adherence assay.

The discs of dental materials were placed in a well tissue culture plate Corning, St. After incubation, the discs were transferred to new wells and washed three times with PBS to remove the non-adherent cells. The adherent Candida cells were dislodged from the surfaces of the dentures in 2 mL of PBS by scraping and vortexing for 5 minutes.

Relining and repairing a complete denture

The cell suspension was then gently sonicated for 3 minutes and plated on SDA. The determinations of the CFU counts were repeated on three different occasions separately for the four Candida albicans isolates with fresh cultures and adherence to the two different denture materials. Candida was applied to the two types of discs 20 discs and allowed to adhere as described above. This study assessed the adherence of Candida albicans to the surface of denture bases materials manufactured in two different ways.

Table 2 presents the surface roughness of the complete denture surface. The adherence ability was also assessed with acridin orange staining and observation under a fluorescent microscope.

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This microscopic observation is in agreement with and confirms the CFU count. Four different Candida albicans isolates were used in this study to ensure that the outcome of the study was not influenced by biological differences in the Candida strains. The CFU count, which reflects cell adherence to the denture base, was used to assess the difference in adherence. Interestingly, Candida albicans exhibited differing adherence ability to the two different denture bases. The mechanism by which Candida species cause denture stomatitis can be summarized as follows.

Candida can form biofilms on mucosal and denture surfaces that promote plaque deposition on the denture surface. The reasons for the popularity of PMMA include its ease of handling, low cost, and esthetics. Roughness is an important factor; the rougher the surface, the greater the Candida colonization will be. The non-contact method uses a laser or light beam to obtain a surface profile. However, one study reported that not all irregularities in specimens can be penetrated by the sensor needle of a mechanical profilometer. According to Joniot et al.

As mentioned earlier, increased porosity has been proven to increase microorganism colonization.

Resilient Lining Materials for Removable Dentures: Types, Composition and Technology

Alterations of denture surface characteristics, such as porosity and surface roughness, contribute to a decrease in Candida adhesion, which ultimately decreases the risk of denture stomatitis. Moreover, the adhesion of Candida albicans to the surfaces is significantly affected by the interactions with other microorganisms in the oral cavity. Therefore, further research is needed to fully determine the difference in adhesion to the surface of these denture base materials in complex Candida and bacterial models beside in vivo studies. Afnan F.

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The complete denture: A clinical pathway

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The Complete Denture: A Clinical Pathway, 2nd Edition

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