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Instant Registration. Online Trends Published June 28 th Women love hearing about murder? That was not what I found when I began looking into the true crime genre. The rest, particularly the four on the right, had a much larger female following. There are a number of theories for this.

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On its face, this podcast investigates the case of four bodies that were found in a couple barrels in the woods of New Hampshire. But then it goes way further, looking at the forensic technologies used to figure out who put the bodies there, and how they could have repercussions on the way crimes are solved—and who's found guilty—that extend far beyond these murders.

Who would break into someone's house, take a well-regarded couple hostage for nearly a day alongside their young son and housekeeper, and then murder them? This podcast tries to get to the bottom of that very real, horrific scenario, and follows the police on a winding journey to try to figure out what happened, why it happened, and who would do such a thing.

20 Best True Crime Podcasts of to Keep Your Commute Interesting

But not all of those stories end as sadly as the one this podcast is about: After making what was perceived as a homophobic comment on Twitter, porn actress August Ames received massive backlash. In a matter of hours, she had killed herself.

Released as a companion to the TNT show I Am the Night , "Root of Evil" explores a very intriguing theory about the killer behind the infamous Black Dahlia murder of , when an actress named Elizabeth Short was found brutally dismembered at the side of the road. This podcast has two seasons so far and is hosted by investigative reporter Payne Lindsey, who spends each episode—which span between 30 minutes and an hour—on the case of a missing person. Less true crime and more deep dive into news stories both obscure and mainstream that occasionally intersect with true crime, this award-winning podcast by Al Letson is dedicated to the nitty gritty process of investigative reporting.

While that may seem gratuitous, there is value in looking directly at the darkest parts of human nature in order to better appreciate the light.

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I love these guys! In each episode, the pair attempts to solve cold cases using everything from brand new tech to old fashioned know-how. And listeners play an important role here, calling in to offer their own tips and theories along the way. You can be an investigator, too!

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The meaning and origin of the expression: Crime doesn't pay

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are the two hilarious women behind this hit podcast with a major cult following fans call themselves "Murderinos". Hosted by an anonymous Australian, this gloomy podcast goes over in excruciatingly researched detail the play-by-plays of murder cases. Season two narrows that concept down further, following the saga of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who may or may not have been involved in everything from wire fraud to murder-for-hire.

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One of the lovelier podcasts in the true crime genre, Criminal takes an almost Radiolab approach to the cases it presents each episode, looking at not just the crimes themselves but the motivations, cultural workings, and almost poetic undercurrents present in each one. This podcast from Wondery goes deep on some of the biggest ones to ever make headlines—the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the Iran Contra Affair, steroid use among athletes—exploring why they happened and who took the fall. Host Robin Warder picks a new missing person each episode and talks about their lives, their last known whereabouts, and where….

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