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Having said this, the guide of great use where backed up by a second source. Its weight somewhere near a kilo is a small drawback, but photocopying the required pages is a simple way around this. It could use better maps in most situations, but we aren't buying it to cart around the city anyway.

If you are only buying one book to travel Europe cheaply, it will suffice. Without a doubt, if you are looking simply to party around Europe, this is your most helpful tool. Lonely Planet and of course Rough Guide offer a slightly different perspective, and allow you to more fully enjoy your trip abroad. Let's Go is up to date and not much worse that the LP and RG, but just too little information about too much and the Let's Go format really struggles without having room to put some reflection behind its normal quirky comments.

However if you are on a real budget it's not a bad option and its format is easy to use with a simple approach. Personally, I would use two guides minimum to cover what this tries to cover in one. There is a Western and Eastern Europe version of this. Many emails have recommended this guide over other Western European ones. One of the better LPs. Still widely used, but so are most guides in Italy.

Italy is a varied and vast country which is hard to sum up in one book I found it very useful when visiting cities and sourcing food and accommodation. The recommendations are excellent. Just lacking a little when getting into the areas which are off the beaten track but will give a very good indication of what is on offer when visiting Italy. Great if you plan on just hitting the cities of Italy. Not so good if you plan on going to the lakes or mountains.

Pathetically little information given on the Lakes District. A typical RG, great read and very informative, but since the book is a guide and usually only parts of it are actually read the layout and indexing could be organised better. Contents are informative and useful in particular related to Barcelona. Very clear and improved maps in new version.

Bulgakov talks about post revolution Russia , market economy, the great war, philosophy, human nature and his personal experiences in his last years in the most interesting fashion; subtle and humorous. A bit strange, sometimes a little hard work, but if you want to read 'a Russian' this is a good and easy place to start. A blow-by-blow account of the birth of modern Germany on November 9th , when, at an otherwise dull press conference in East Berlin, a government spokesman said that a new law permitting East Germans more freedom to travel would go into effect immediately.

It changed Europe for ever. This is probably Bryson's best book. Notes from a small island about the UK is funny, sharp and easy to relate to for anyone who has spent any length of time in the UK. The book gets off to a flying start with fascinating conversations with old men on the complexity of B roads and travelling through the English countryside through Upton Dumpton past The Buggered Ploughmen and onto some other insane place. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days.

Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Frommer's Washington, D. Frommer's Seattle day by day Day-by-Day Series. Frommer's Boston day by day Day by Day. Frommer's London day by day Day by Day. Tipping Tipping is generally not expected, though it is appreciated. Water Tap water is potable in all parts of Croatia.

Weather The climate in Dubrovnik is typical Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. Daily forecasts are available at www. Besides historic buildings, you will find restaurants, cafes, shops, and services on the side streets that connect with Stradun—a long just under a quarter of a mile and wide street that runs from the Western Gate Pile to the Eastern Gate Ploce.

The Stradun itself is lined by a mixture of historic buildings and shops, with a cafe or ice-cream shop tucked here and there. Lapad There are no big-time historic sites in Lapad, just a long, leafy promenade lined with hotels and restaurants backed by a residential area on the Lapad Peninsula west of Old Town.

The no. Babin Kuk On the Lapad Peninsula, at some indeterminable point less than 6. Babin Kuk has several hotels in various price ranges. Blaise Church 8 St. Ignatius Loyola 12 St. Savious Church City Wall No visit to Dubrovnik is complete without at least a partial walk around the top of its wall. The wall and its fortresses and towers are works of art built in medieval times; they undulate around Old Town in a protective embrace, creating an architectural frame for the historic city like none other. Old Town is further lined by a moat which was used to deter land attacks. The imposing 12th-century Lovrijenac Fortress was the lookout station for sea attacks.

Blaise to get there. The guns of St. An impressive stairway leads to the church doorway, decorated with a statue of St. Dominic; the door opens to the 15th-century Gothic cloister designed by Maso di Bartolomeo.

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But architecture aside, the real reason to visit here is the museum, which holds some fine religious art from Dubrovnik and elsewhere. Dominika 4. Daily 9am—6pm. Instead of jumping into the sea, you can step back and take a close look at the ocean. Located in Tvrdava Sv. Ivana St. Sting rays, conger eels, scorpion fish, and spotted dogfish complement spiny lobster, grouper, and other specimens from the deep. There are also delightful displays of colorful sea anemones, corals, shells, sea urchins, and sea horses.

The tanks are fed by a. At the very least, take a large bottle of water with you. Damjana Jude 2, St. Aquarium summer daily 9am—9pm; winter Mon—Sat 9am—1pm. Maritime Museum summer daily 9am—6pm; winter Tues—Sun 9am—6pm. The original Church of the Assumption was built between the 12th and 14th centuries atop the ruins of a 6th- or 7th-century Byzantine basilica.

According to legend, it was financed by a grateful donation from King Richard the Lionhearted, who was shipwrecked and rescued in Dubrovnik and made the donation to give thanks for his rescue. The cathedral was rebuilt following the quake in the au courant baroque style and it thus became the third church to be constructed on that site. In fact, remnants of both earlier churches are still visible in the present-day cathedral, which is a threenave structure in the shape of a cross.

Blaise, all plated with gold. The pharmacy has a wonderful display of ancient lab equipment, mortars, measuring implements, and decorative containers used over the centuries. The monastery itself is accessed via a narrow passage from St. Besides the columns, the complex is home to a 15th-century well, the single-nave St. The library, cloisters, and bell tower were damaged in the attacks on Dubrovnik during the war.

Gunduli5eva Poljana West of St.

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The market is near the exclusive Pucic Palace Hotel. The synagogue is on the second floor of a town house given to Jews: first, those who fled persecution in Spain during the late 15th century; and later, in the early 16th century, Jews from Italy. Zudioska Ulica 5. Summer daily 10am—8pm; winter Mon—Fri 10am—1pm. Blaise Church. Blaise procession ends. Water from the Luza Square fountain flows through a more ornate device with detailed sculpture work.

Pile Gate Built on the site of the former Pile fortress in the part of the city known as Pile, this westernmost gate to the Old Town is its busiest port of entry, largely because buses from the city and ferry terminals deposit their passengers here. A stone bridge leads to the outer gate, which is decorated by a statue of St. The outer Pile Gate was guarded from on, so the city could monitor trade in and out of the city.

The wooden drawbridge leading to it was pulled up at night in an elaborate ceremony. Now, during summer, honorary guards in period costume stand guard mornings as tourists shuffle in for a day of sightseeing. However, the moat has long since been drained and is now just a green space. The interior gate was built in the 15th century and it, too, has its statue of St. Blaise—this one done by the prolific 20th-century Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovi5. Summer 9am—pm; winter 9am—3pm. The approach to the 15th-century gate is via a stone bridge.

The palace was rebuilt in a Venetian-Gothic style based on a design by architect Onofrio della Cava p. Election to the office was effectively incarceration because the rector was not allowed to leave the building during his month in office except for official business, but anyone elected to the office was off the hook for 2 years after completing a term. Ploce Gate. Pred Dvorom 3. Summer daily 9am—7pm; winter Mon—Sat 9am—2pm. Today the palace courtyard is a bright venue for art exhibits and concerts.

There are several rooms off the courtyard. Two of the rooms hold artifacts significant to Dubrovnik. The other is called the Memorial Room of the Defenders of Dubrovnik; it contains photos and short biographies of the Croatian patriots who died during the —92 siege of Dubrovnik. There is also a small souvenir shop. A 30m ft. Free admission, except for some exhibitions. Daily 9am—2pm, though times vary during exhibitions. Blaise Church St.

It seems as though the original city fathers had his image engraved on everything possible—public buildings, walls, city seals, fortresses and, of course, the magnificently baroque St. The present church was built between and on the site of a 14th-century Romanesque church that was damaged in the earthquake, but after the quake the church still was usable until a coup de grace delivered by a fire put an end to that.

Blaise footprint is that of a Greek cross; the domed church has a wide staircase and terrace that attracts weary tourists from Luza Square, many of whom sit down for a break, much the same as flocks of pigeons settle on the square itself. The statue depicts St. Blaise holding a 15th-century model of the city as it was before the great earthquake. Luza Trg Sq. Daily 8am—7pm. The stairs were severely damaged in the —92 siege of the city, but they have since been restored.

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Ignatius of Loyola, is buried. Who Is St. Blaise once saved a child from choking on a fish bone. For this reason, Roman Catholics everywhere know the Armenian physician and martyr of the faith as the patron saint of people with throat problems. However, the people of Dubrovnik revere St. Blaise Sv. Vlaho as the hero who saved their city from a sneak attack by Venetian galleys in the 10th century.

According to legend, the Venetian ships dropped anchor off Lokrum, supposedly to pick up freshwater for their journey, but the fleet was actually surveying the city in preparation for an attack and takeover. However, St. Blaise later put to death by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in B.

He told the priest about the nefarious plot, thus thwarting the attack. Ever since then, St. To show their appreciation for his help, the citizens of Dubrovnik go all out to honor St. Blaise on his feast day, February 3, which the city celebrates with food and festivities. Pozzo, who worked for the order building Jesuit churches throughout Europe. Ignatius along the semicircular divided apse. Poljana R. Daily 9am—noon and 3—7pm. The Renaissance-Gothic facade of St. Saviour Church faces the larger Onofrio fountain inside the Pile Gate. Saviour was built in the early 16th century by Petar Andriji5 of Korcula.

It is certain, however, that St. Saviour influenced several Dalmatian churches, most notably the cathedral of Hvar. It runs from the Pile Gate straight through the city to the Ploce Gate on land that once was a marsh serving as the dividing line between Ragusa and Dubrava on the mainland. It is also lined with neat, uniform buildings housing shops, restaurants, and entryways radiating to the alley-size streets. Historic pictures show that the street and its buildings along the Stradun were far more ornate and acquired their present subtle style after the earthquake.

BEACHES Croatians loosely define beaches as any place the sea meets the land, and while some beaches may have names, they are little more than rocks you can use to jump into the sea. One such place is a must-see, if not a must-swim area in Dubrovnik. According to Croatians, there is no such thing as a privately owned beach—every beach in the country belongs to the people. Nonetheless, several of the hotels east of the port have staked out sections of the beach for their guests. Copacabana is a pebble-and-concrete beach with a view of the graceful Dubrovnik bridge and part of the Elaphite Islands.

It is one of the few beaches in Dubrovnik with facilities for kids, sports enthusiasts, and swimmers with disabilities. Here you can ride a jet-ski, get whipped around on a banana-boat ride, or go airborne with a parachute boat.

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There are also sea slides for kids. A lift on the concrete part of the beach gives seniors and. Grown-ups can relax in a beach bar or a beach restaurant. At night, the beach bar becomes a cocktail bar and disco. The club has a restaurant with a view and a sophisticated Dalmatian menu, a cocktail bar with space for dancing, watersports galore, a beach with crystal-clear water, beach attendants, and the unique baldachin. Frana Supila bb. Libertas, as the festival is affectionately called, has been held annually since in churches, squares, museums, and other historic sites all over the city.

Sponza Palace, Dubrovnik Cathedral, and Revelin Fort, among other sights, become venues for drama, music, folk, dance, and other performing arts when the sun goes down. Attend performances by the more than 2, artists from all over the world who come to the festival.

Dubrovnik is at its most congested during the summer festival, so rooms must be booked well in advance. Even private accommodations are scarce and restaurants are usually packed, so plan accordingly. Even moderately priced rooms are difficult to find unless you opt for private accommodations in Lapad or Gruz. Try the tourist office or look for signs in windows that say SOBE room available.

In general, the cheapest are from the seated old ladies asking you if you need a place to sleep. For details on Dubrovnik neighborhoods, see p. The bathrooms at this campground outside Dubrovnik are like new. The camp has a laundry area. It is the only campground near Dubrovnik, but a private room is a better choice. Vatroslava Lisinskog 17, Babin Kuk. Apr 1—Oct Amenities: Restaurant; market; pool; excursions; laundry. It is just a minute walk from the Dubrovnik bus station and about 15 minutes from the hostel to Old Town. Vinka Sagrestana 3, near Old Town. Other times, bed-and-breakfast from 9.

Amenities: Restaurant; TV room; membership kitchen. Bathrooms are adequate in size, but those with bathtubs are a little larger than those with showers. The Kompas has an Internet cafe on the lower level. The stop for the no. Setaliste Kralja Zvonimira 56, Lapad. Amenities: Restaurant; bar; outdoor pool; elevator. However, the tiny hotel and its restaurant are on the right track. Bathrooms are good-size and well equipped, but there is no elevator, which makes the trek to rooms on upper floors a pain.

Once you check in, your location is excellent, but you cannot drive up to the Perla to unload your luggage because of its position on the promenade: You need to park a couple of blocks away and schlep. Lapad Mali Stradun bb, Lapad. Rates include breakfast. Amenities: Restaurant; bar. Each room is elegantly furnished, comfortable, cozy, and augmented by bathrooms equipped with hydromassage showers. The view of Lokrum and Cavtat from the fifthfloor terrace is dynamite. Od Sigurate br. Rates stay the same all year and include breakfast.

Amenities: Restaurant; valet; safe-deposit box; babysitting options. A fabulous restoration has turned this salmon-colored Finds 19th-century mansion with white trim into a showplace hotel on the Lapad promenade. Each guest room is unique, and staying here is like staying in a grand Habsburg home complete with shaded garden and sprawling lawn. Some of the staff speak English; all of them are very helpful.

Setaliste Kralja Zvonimira 27, Lapad. In room: TV, hair dryer. All are spacious, with middle-of-the-road furnishings that could use a major freshening. Beware: The parking lot is a squeeze and difficult to navigate, especially at night. Setaliste Kralja Zvonimira 39, Lapad. Amenities: Restaurant; bar; indoor and outdoor pools; sauna; elevator; parking; Internet access.

While Hilton was changing worker attitudes, it kept whatever it could of the old Imperial—its stone staircases, the lobby footprint—but everything else is brand-new. All are loaded with amenities, whether you stay in a single room or a suite. Marijana Blazi5a 2, at the Pile Gate. Hotel Excelsior The Excelsior is on the same piece of real estate as the Hotel Grand Villa Argentina see below ; thus it, too, enjoys a great location walking distance from Old Town and steps from the sea.

The Excelsior originally was built in , expanded in the s, and completely renovated in Guest rooms, whether in the old or new parts of the hotel, are well appointed.

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Rooms in the older section have gentle touches of yesteryear. Book one of the rooms overlooking the sea. Frana supila 12, Ploce. Rates include breakfast and stay the same all year. Half-board available. Amenities: 2 restaurants; piano bar; indoor pool; elevator; sauna; access for those with disabilities; garage; Internet access. Grand Villa Argentina is really a complex of five buildings—one hotel and four smaller but just as elegant villas, all with the same aura of refined luxury.

Guest rooms in this hotel within walking distance of Old Town are comfortable and decorated with the highest quality furnishings. While the sea views are spectacular, the guest rooms are not as large as those in Villa Orsula. Frana Supila 14, Ploce. Amenities: 3 restaurants; bar; indoor and outdoor pools; sauna; spa; elevator; Internet access; casino. The Siege of Dubrovnik In October during the first year of the Serb-Croat war, Dubrovnik came under attack by Serb forces, who tried to take control of the city by cutting it off from supplies and services while shelling its UNESCO-protected monuments.

For 3 months, the city was cut off from electric, water, and telephone services, which effectively isolated the people but did not leave them helpless. Rather than surrender, Dubrovnik dug in and survived the Serb blockade without water service largely because of the 15th-century Onofrio Fountains, which did not have to rely on outside water pumps, but consistently supplied drinking water directly from the Dubrovnik River via its ancient hydro system. When they realized that taking Dubrovnik was not going to be easy, the Serbs shelled the city indiscriminately, causing extensive damage and the loss of more than lives.

The Puci5 Palace is already a legend and the favorite Overrated Dubrovnik accommodations for the well-heeled. Puci5 Palace. Ulica Od Puca 1, Old Town. Amenities: Restaurant; bar; concierge; hr. Villa Orsula One of the best addresses in Dubrovnik, Villa Orsula is everything you would expect of an opulent s Mediterranean villa.

In fact, Villa Orsula was built in the s and was converted into a hotel in Orsula is adjacent to the Grand Villa Argentina; the two buildings share a pool and other facilities as well as a garden leading to the sea. Villa Orsula is graced with areas like the gorgeous Victoria.

The restaurant and most of the guest rooms both have incredible sweeping views of Old Town and the sea, and both are sumptuously decorated. Open from April to November only. Amenities: Restaurant; bar; indoor and outdoor pools; sauna; spa; elevator; garage; Internet access. Competition is so stiff that some even pitch passersby on the glories of their food. It can get rather warm in the afternoon sun at tables under the nautical blue awning outside this smart cafe near the Pile Gate, so go inside to try the salads, pastas, fancy drinks, and homemade pastries. Stradun bb, Old Town.

Miha Pracata 4 5th street on the left from St. Blaise Church, Old Town. No credit cards. Try the macaroni arrabiata with tomatoes and peppers as a pasta choice with a little kick to it, or dig into the tagliatelle with salmon, cream, and garlic for something more serene. Nikole Bozidarevi5a 14, Old Town. Tables are picnic-style with umbrellas that line the tiny street.

But the pizza is worth taking a chance: Each has a little crispy upturned rim that is a perfect counterpoint to the bubbling ingredients on top. Bozidarevi5eva 10, Old Town. The restaurant is in the former Convent of. The food may be predictable, but it is competently prepared, making the Jadran a good place for a quick bite before or after you tackle the walk around the city wall.

Paska Milicevi5a 1, Old Town. Zuzori5 1, Old Town. DC, MC, V. Daily 10am—2am. Order any seafood dish at this secluded side-street spot. Tables are covered with awnings to keep things cool on hot afternoons. Daily 11am—1am. DALMATIAN Stylish teak tables arranged in a space across from the massive Trubadur Jazz Cafe catch your eye first, but it is the aroma of fish and fresh herbs that really gets your attention as you pass this little addition to the restaurant scene.

Androvi5eva bb, Old Town. Daily 11am—midnight. Proto SEAFOOD There is some sidewalk seating here, but opt for the gorgeous upstairs terrace or sublime winter garden with lots of glass, stone walls, and dark wood. Try any of the grilled meats—or even the Dalmatian ham appetizer—to see if either conjures up childhood memories.

The wine list is full of reds from Peljesac and whites from Korcula. Siroka 1, Old Town. Reservations recommended. Daily 11am—11pm. Just a few tables are set outside this family restaurant, but the place is inviting thanks to its affable owner who is always ready to socialize with guests. Menu offerings include the usual grilled fish and meat dishes and pasta. Cubranovi5eva 4, Old Town. Daily 8am—midnight. If you need a meat fix, the filet mignon with a baked potato is an excellent choice. Mali Stradun bb, Lapad. Daily 7am—midnight. Ignatius of Loyola Church.

The seafood platter is piled high with various types of crustaceans, while the Plata Arka overflows with vegetables and fish. There are several vegetarian choices, too.

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For those who want to take away something besides a doggie bag, Arka operates a small antiques shop next to the restaurant. Uz Jezuite bb, Old Town. No phone. Like most other Dubrovnik dining spots, specialties are seafood, grilled meat, pizza, and pasta, but equal care is given to all dishes. Setaliste Kralja Zvonimira 38, Lapad. But Rozarij and its impeccable seafood are worth searching out. Try the shrimp with white risotto or the mixed buzzara, a combination of mussels and scampi cooked in a fragrant court bouillon.

Prijeko 2, Old Town. The Hilton and its Restaurant Porat opened to great fanfare in May , and so far, neither has been a disappointment. Try crispy skinned sea bass filet with sea salt and candied lemon from the lava-stone grill; or beef tenderloin and tomato-shallot marmalade. You can also find duck breast on the menu, which is unusual in Dalmatia. In the Hilton Imperial. Marijana Blazi5a 2. Reservations required for dinner. Clearly, lunch is an afterthought for Nautika, which directs all its energy toward the dinner crowd.

Tip: You can skip lunch and get the view for free in the space along the rail next to the restaurant. Brsalje 3, Old Town. Noon—midnightlight lunch served noon—4pm. However, nightlife in Dubrovnik is pretty tame; most places shut down between 11pm and 1am. But here are a few exceptions. Exodus Part of the Babin Kuk hotel neighborhood, this nightspot caters to younger tastes in music. Ivana Dulci5a 39, Babin Kuk.

Hours are 10pm to 4am daily. Ulica Sv. Dominika bb, Old Town. Trubadur Trubadur is a jazz club where you can jam to the music inside or sit back on comfy chairs outside and let the music wash over you. Trubadur is the kind of place where anyone can feel at home. Performing groups change almost nightly. The owner, Marko, is a musician and longtime jazz fan who performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in Buni5eva 2, Old Town near Gunduli5 Sq.

During the 10th century, the islands became Dubrovnik territories, liberally strewn with chapels, churches, and crumbling villas designed in a riot of pre-Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance styles. Today, the few residents of these islands are indifferent to tourists, and visitors are mostly left alone to poke around in the pine forests and ruins that cover much of the islands. If you can,. Both are open June to September, Monday through Saturday from 8am to 1pm and from 5 to 8pm, on Sunday 9am to noon. For independent travelers, daily Jadrolinija ferries serve the islands all year long. Less than 3.

Lopud: Lopud is the midsize island of the three and covers just under twice the territory that Kolocep does. Lopud attracts the most visitors of the three islands because it is the most tourism-oriented and has the most attractions. Here you will find the shell of a Franciscan monastery, a small ethnographic museum, the ruins of a small fortress, other ancient churches in various stages of decay, and a wonderful sandy beach with a restaurant and bar. Fewer than families live on Lopud and they are mostly involved in farming or in providing food and other services to visitors.

Sipan: Sipan is the largest of the Elafitis, but it is also the least developed. Ferries deposit passengers at Sipanska Luka Sipan Harbor every hour and a half or so. There is a pleasant valley Sipansko Polje between Sipanska Luka and Sudurad, another village at the opposite end of the island, as well as assorted towers, houses, and a little church.

Lopud has two restaurants that offer more elaborate meals. Waiters in semi-formal dress and piped-in music add a touch of elegance to your meal at this seafood place, which serves grilled fish that is well-prepared and beautifully presented. Obala Ivana Kuljevan Hours vary. But except for amphorae in the sea off Mljet, there is no tangible evidence that the Greeks ever settled there.

However, later settlers—Romans, Byzantines, Avars, Slavs—did leave traces of their time on Mljet; the area around Polace boasts several sites with ruins from the 1st through the 6th centuries, including a 5th-century Roman palace and some fortifications. Its centerpieces are the two saltwater lakes. The smaller lake actually was a swamp until the 12th century, when Benedictine. The 12th-century monastery and its Church of St.

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The war ended that phase, leaving the monastery and church vacant and neglected. However, there are signs that the church and monastery are being renovated; according to a Mljet tour guide, the Benedictines plan to once again use its monastery and church by The monastery is closed to visitors, but the tiny Church of St.

Mary is single nave and mostly empty. Small engraved stones in the foyer floor mark graves where the monks were buried through the ages. The stones are small because they were buried in standing-up positions. Mljet and Mljet National Park are easily reached from Dubrovnik and other nearby islands and points on the mainland. Excursion and car ferries run here from Trstenik on the Peljesac Peninsula. Atlas 8am—6pm runs excursions from Orebic that depart via water taxi from the dock across from the tourist office on Trg Mimballa; the boat also picks up people at the Orsan hotel farther up the beach.

The fee includes admission to the national park. The water taxi takes you to Korcula, where you pick up the boat to Mljet. The ride to Mljet from Korcula takes an hour and 40 minutes, so you spend half a day just getting there and back. Mljet is a very low-key island with just the one hotel and several apartments for rent. It only seems crowded when you dock at Pomena because everyone congregates around the Odisej hotel, which is on the marina.

Magical Mljet Mljet is awash in legends and folklore. Another legend says that St. Paul stayed on Mljet during one of his trips spreading Christianity.

As with many legends, this one is based on a kernel of reality. According to historians, St. Paul was shipwrecked off the island of Melita and there is a debate as to whether Melita refers to Mljet or Malta. Nonetheless, St. Paul is held in high esteem by the residents of Mljet. According to records, Mljet once was overpopulated with poisonous snakes, and in experts brought in mongooses to get rid of them. Currently, the island has a problem with wild boars, who prowl the forests. The boars supposedly swam 8km 5 miles across the sea to Mljet years ago during a fire in their former habitat.

You can pick up a cold drink at the Odisej Hotel at the dock and then walk just short of a mile to boats that take you to St. Here you can poke around in the 12th-century Benedictine monastery or swim in the saltwater lakes, which are very warm. Malo Jezero, the smaller of the two lakes, has a small beach, but access to Veliko Jezero is off a small rock ledge.

Boats between St. The hotel is managed by Atlas, the tour operator who brings groups to the island on day trips.

Pomena bb, Pomena. Closed midOct to mid-Apr. Amenities: Restaurant; bar; excursions; Internet access; bike; car and scooter rental; diving school. This family restaurant at the trail head has a solid menu of Dalmatian specialties. Just past the Hotel Odisej on the way to the national park trail head in Pomena. In the 1st century B. Existing archaeological finds from those times include underwater ruins in the bay, foundation remains, tombs, and vestiges of a Roman road above the present town.

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  • The ancient town was destroyed at the beginning of the 7th century, during the invasions of the Avars and the Slavs, and it was then that the founders of Dubrovnik fled to the north and established their new city. Today, Cavtat is a sleepy fishing town loved by tourists for its beautiful horseshoeshaped harbor trimmed with beaches as well as several sights worth investigating. You can also hop a shuttle boat from Lokrum Island harbor three times a day. Daily 10am—noon; summer Mon—Sat 5—7pm also. The baroque building next door houses St. Nicholas Church and its unusual wooden altars.

    Obala Ante Starcevi5a