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Philip Cornwel-Smith scoured each region to show how indigenous wisdom both adapts to the present and customises imports, applying Roman architecture to shop-houses, morphing rock into festive farm music, turning the Japanese motor-rickshaw into the tuk-tuk. Colour-saturated illustrations help you navigate various social traits, whether white-faced hi-so matrons or Red Bulls, willing workers wearing coins in their ear. This is Thai culture as it has never been shown before. Born in England, Philip never expected to live in Thailand for almost two decades.

He'd been in the capital only four days before becoming the founding editor of its first international-standard city listings magazine, 'Bangkok Metro', which he helmed until Throughout his time in Thailand, Philip has organised events, from film festivals and dance productions to themed parties and award ceremonies. He also acted as location consultant on several international projects, including the Grammy-nominated video-album '1GiantLeap' and the Discovery Channel city-guide 'Noodle Box: Bangkok', which he presented. Out of stock. Availability: In stock Check Store.

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